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Read this! And admit that MJ is the sweetest ;)


Hello, people! Andie is back in da House! :D I just came home from school. I'm crazy about some songs by MJ right now: Streetwalker, Blue Gangsta, Slave To The Rhythm, Hollywood Tonight and Hold My Hand. :) he's the best. Too bad he was killed. By Dr. Conrad Mur[der]ray. Anyway I pray that he'll pay for what he did. His license is suspended so far. Because of his actions, PPB have now no father. Fuck him. Now I'm hungry! See ya <3 JUSTICE4MJ P.s. Everybody, please pray for Australia!

Michaels body's talking dirty!

Lol I'm crazy about Dirty Situation! :D how are you all? I'm having lunch; soup and pancakes. It's school tomorrow... I miss school, but I just hate Mondays! I'm so tired and I can't concentrate. Not in the mornings anyway. I love Fridays though :) I miss Kalina! We haven't talked in years!! She doesn't get my msgs on Facebook and Skype. Annoying! Have you heard about Facebook shutting down? I hope it's not true...... Bye! <3 //Andie


That's what I'm feeling now. Down. It began yesterday. I signed in to Twitter and realized another hearing with Dr Murray was going on. I got lots of info. And I think Murray's lying. It just sounds so weird... Anyway, that reminded me of Michael being dead. When I talk about him I always say he is, he does... I just don't want to realize that he's dead, cause then I'll just break down in tears. Murray is not the only one we have to nail. I'm really hoping for justice! Michael has been so nice over the years. I read this story about a guy who was working at the studio when Michael was shooting Scream. And he was going to fix the ceiling and used a electric saw. It suddenly bumped and he cut of two fingers (gosh, terrible!!). And then people starting to crowed around him. Then Michael came to him. He looked at the mans hand and held it. Michael had tears in his eyes and said he was sorry. He kept saying that. But it wasn't his fault, and the guy didn't blame him. But Michael felt guilty. After reading that, I thought about what a sweet and caring person he was. I can't belive what people have done to him. He was so innocent and loving! That made me even more down... And now I read LMP's blog again. Where she says she regrets leaving him in the hard time of his life. I also read that someone had asked him what his biggest mistake was, and he answered "- letting the big love go." i was like NAAAWW!!! I feel so sorry for both of them, and I wish that they would stay married, but Lisa had to take care of her kids. After this I became very sad and started crying a little. Why is this world such a mess without Michael Jackson? //Andie <3


Hellooo, Happy New Year!!! It's now 2011, which feels weird. I'm not used yet lol :P Anyway, except partying yesterday, I was waiting for Lady GaGa's announcement about her new album called Born This Way. She would announce it at 6 am (my time). But I fell asleep lol... So the first thing I did in the morning was to check her Twitter. Now I know; new single 13-2-11 and new album 23-5-11 :D I'm so exited I don't know what to do! I really wanna hear her new music!!! I'm sure she will blow us off with her new song in February. She's my queen now and forever! I love you, Mother Monster <3 <3 <3 //Andie - Little Monster 4ever :3

A new love in my life

I'm sleeping over at Valentina's again x) just heard a airplane outside... It sounded like an ufo :S Anyway... I met a girl. She was cool and she took my breath away!!! I've now a new bff! Jomana and she's from Switzzerland. I love her!!! She's amazing <3 thank you for letting me be a part of your life! Me, Valentina and her mum is waiting for the wii-remotes to finish charging so we can play The Experience :D // Andie <3

My opinion about Oprah Fucking Winfrey >:[

Oprah Winfrey is sooo annoying!!! She doesn't like Michael Jackson, but she keep digging in his privacy... She's so falce to MJ's family, and to his kids. I guess they didn't know that THAT woman thinks their father was a pedophile. There is so many proofs that MJ was 100% innocent, still she wants to prove he's not. Can someone, PLEASE, give me a break and stop her!? She's a fucking shitbag and I'm TIRED OF HER!!!! Heavenly Father, you know that Michael is innocent, and he needs justice. Won't you help? Please? :( //Andie♥MJ4ever

The Experience - again xD

We've just played The Experience! This time the whole family (Valentinas) played. It was so fun xD I love the game! Buy it if you're a MJ-fan, you'll love it!

Loud - Rihanna

Loud is Rihanna latest album. It was released 2010.

1. S&M - pretty good :P
2. What's My Name? (feat. Drake) - I like this one... typicall Rihanna.
3. Cheers (Drink To That) - um.. not my type :/
4. Fading - ok. beautiful.
5. Only Girl(In The World) - my fave! :D
6. California King Bed - beautiful lyrics.
7. Man Down - a bit weird...
8. Raining Men (feat. Nicki Minaj) - pretty cool x)
9. Complicated - special :O
10. Skin - ok...
11. Love The Way You Lie (part 2) - nice!

rank: 8/10

Great, RiRi!!! she has been my idol since 2005. Me and Bex used to listen to Umbrella all the time! x)

Rihanna is sooo cute! now she has red hair, which is hot!

//Andie <3 RiRi

You know that I love you...

...boy xD listening to Alejandro by Lady GaGa :D
I was thinking that I could write about albums like I did on my old blog. today I'll write about... Loud by Rihanna!

I want to talk to Kalina on Skype! D: but she doesnt answer! argh............

oki, see ya //Anddie<33


Lady GaGa is my queen :) <3

The Experience

I've just played The Experience on Wii. And it was hilarious!!! xD but V kept saying: "-I'm not good at dancing! Why do I have to do this?" but I know she loved it as much as I did ;) we challenged each other on Thriller, They Don't Care About Us, Rock With You and Dirty Diana. I was pretty good xP oki, time for bed! Have sweet bubbledreams with Michael in it! Heehee //Andie<3


I'm in bed watching tv. I'm sleeping over at Valentina's. We're hungry... xD maybe some candy? :D What we're watching? Scrubs! :D lol!! But we're going that MJ-vid we watched earlier :P Guys... I might be in love... I don't know! I need to ask my friend (doc) Sanna. Lol, she's not a doctor, but she's good at these things. The guy I like is older than me and so cute!! I call him Honey Bunny, cause he jumps around like a bunny xD and he's got a 6-pack... :3 But when I see Michael, there's nothing, I mean noone, whose better and sexier!! I guess Michael Jackson is the love of my life... :') Hugs // Andie<3

rock tonight away... :)

me and my bestie Valentina are having mayor fun! we're watching a video with some of MJ's videos and tour moments. he's so amazing and all I can do is smile!

christmas was ok, but I didnt get so much cuz it was too cold to go shopping mum said....

it's soon new year and then its time to party!!! Ive alredy choosen an outfit and I can promise you lots of loud music! Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Lady GaGa, Lionel Riccie, Boney M and much more partymusic :D

2010 has been a nice year !  2009 was worse...

//Andie <3


hey guys... Im a totall idiot! how could I fall for someone so easy??? ill try to forget him....

anyway, I got my german-test back... I GOT MVG!!! thats the best level!!! I was like "OMG" :D
so much can happen on such short time. I dunno what to say. I LOVE YOU!

btw, Im going to a halloween party 2morrow! gonna be freaking great!
and soon I might visit my bff Natalia <3 CAN'T WAIT. ok, my imagination is gone -.-'
byee! Ill blog later // Andie :) I just publish this for fun ^^ I was 11...(I think xD)


Hey guys!! I'm so sooooorry, for not posting anything this month! (Even though no one read this blog lol) okay, whatever! Andie is back in the house and she's HAPPY! School's doing great. My friends are great. My life is pretty good. My family too. I have a great time in school everyday. I like two boys. And not a player, I just think they're cute... But I'm not in love. (Why is mum laughing so much? Must be something on the TV...) When I say someone is cute, does it not mean I'm in love. That's it. I've got a test tomorrow. Maths. But I'm not nervous at all. But I hope I get a good result! :P Yesterday I was at Valentina's. I talked to Kalina on skype, omfg it was great. Me and V were crazy like always. So the conversation was kinda funny lol :D Bex had some problem... With boys... But I hope she's over them! Cause it sounds like it. She wants to talk to Igor, Kalinas bro. Lmao. Bex and her boys...... *shakes head* XP Gotta do my homeworks... I'll be posting something later. LOVE YOU ALL<3 //A<3


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