First day at school

Today I started school again. I like our classroom and our teachers this year ! Tomorrow we're having a normal schoolday. I start at 8.10 am and end at 2.55 pm. I love the fridays !! We start 9.20 am and end 1.55 pm. That's perfect :D 4 easy sessions... That's all ! Gonna call it Soft Friday ^^ now it's time to pack my bag AGAIN. We're going on a schooltrip ! On wednesday. To a place called "Barnens Ö" (The Childrens Island). We are going to live in a house near water, and do activitetes (missions, swimming, boat...). The Thursday looks like this; everybody wakes up, breakfast, team-activitetes, lunch, team-activitetes, dinner, night-activitetes, bbq, sleep. I'll be home on friday. Btw, I can't write on the blog, Facebook or Twitter during the trip, cause I can't have my phone with me. That's a rule. Then I can't take any pictures :( but on friday, I'll tell you about my trip and everything. Now I'm gonna take a bath and relax for a while... :) L.O.V.E. //A<3


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