Gdansk ? :)

Mum is looking at trips to Gdansk in Poland. I've seen pictures, and it looks really nice ! But mum is more interested in London. Well, it's fine by me !! I'd love to go to England, I love that country :) Valentina should learn me all about London, cause she's been there many times. I wonder if she's still ill... Haven't met her for a while :/ think I'm gonna ask her. Now I'm going to wash my hair, have a nice day !! :) //Æ <3

Postat av: Kadiata

Omg your blog is so cute !! <3

2010-08-16 @ 01:40:08
Postat av: A<3

THANX Kadi :D <3

2010-08-16 @ 01:43:27

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