no sleep at all

you heard it - no sleep at all. I was up all night, which is not good !! now I'm tired and hungry every minute... after listing to OMG by Usher, tweeted a bit, eaten something and written this, THEN I'll go to bed for a while... or no, Ill drink some coffie and watch mtv.
Speaking of mtv, I've voted for VMA, most for Lady GaGa ofc ;P (sorry, Katy, but GaGa comes first...:/)
I hope everything is well with Alina, Rebecca and Valentina...
Alina: first day at school after summer vacation today ! she was nervous, but I think it's gonna be ok :)
Rebecca: sha said it was u guy who live next to their summer house, and he starres... o_O
Valentina: I think she was going to meet her cousins today...
I REALLY GOTTA EAT NOW !!! so see ya later :) //A<3


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