The Experience

I've just played The Experience on Wii. And it was hilarious!!! xD but V kept saying: "-I'm not good at dancing! Why do I have to do this?" but I know she loved it as much as I did ;) we challenged each other on Thriller, They Don't Care About Us, Rock With You and Dirty Diana. I was pretty good xP oki, time for bed! Have sweet bubbledreams with Michael in it! Heehee //Andie<3

Postat av: Nono

Woooow you have The Experience on WII!!! :DD wwoow awesome! i would like to play with it but i dont have WII :(

2010-12-30 @ 14:05:24
Postat av: A<3

Lol, hun, I don't have either Wii or The Experience. My friend Valentina has, that's where we played it xP

2010-12-30 @ 16:16:03
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2011-09-27 @ 10:00:24

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