Valentina is not ill anymore, halleluja !! Now I'm just waiting for her txt. I'm bored. So, V, hurry up, I wanna do something !! *sigh* something you didn't know is that I make wonderful pancakes ! :P just made some. I actually love to eat. But only thing I like, ofc. I don't eat so much fish and I don't eat pork. I love american, thai, italian and mexican food. I love Burger King and McDonald's. I actually ate BK yesterday. BBQ classic and fried onionrings, OMG :D but it's not good for your health to eat that everyday... God, I wish everything unhealthy was healthy ;( don't you feel the same ? Gonna read some manga (Cronos Crusade) but I don't like it so much "/ tschüß ! <3


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