Vale comes back ?

Guys, I'm so sorry !! It was ages ago :O but now I'm back here again. My schooltrip went well. Sometimes I had fun, sometimes boring and sometimes I missed Vale and Bex. School is really nice, I have to say. Adeline, me and Matilda are doing a politicwork, and I belive it will be a great result !! :D and you know what !? Vale wants to come back to my school ! YEEEES !!!! We'll see if I have time tomorrow... If I do, I'll update you with more info about my life lol :) gonna do some maths now ! Byes <3

First day at school

Today I started school again. I like our classroom and our teachers this year ! Tomorrow we're having a normal schoolday. I start at 8.10 am and end at 2.55 pm. I love the fridays !! We start 9.20 am and end 1.55 pm. That's perfect :D 4 easy sessions... That's all ! Gonna call it Soft Friday ^^ now it's time to pack my bag AGAIN. We're going on a schooltrip ! On wednesday. To a place called "Barnens Ö" (The Childrens Island). We are going to live in a house near water, and do activitetes (missions, swimming, boat...). The Thursday looks like this; everybody wakes up, breakfast, team-activitetes, lunch, team-activitetes, dinner, night-activitetes, bbq, sleep. I'll be home on friday. Btw, I can't write on the blog, Facebook or Twitter during the trip, cause I can't have my phone with me. That's a rule. Then I can't take any pictures :( but on friday, I'll tell you about my trip and everything. Now I'm gonna take a bath and relax for a while... :) L.O.V.E. //A<3

I'm back

Hey guys I'm back ! I'm back from the cruise. I'm enjoying my last day on this summer vacation. I'm very pleased with the cruise :) I love partying. Then I mean the music, to dance. Not alcohol lol... We're gonna eat on a resturant. Thai. YUM :D can wait to see my friends tomorrow ! Miss them. This summer have brought me a wonderful friend... Alina Zulfiqar <3 Kalina, I love you too, but I got to know you before the summer LOL. This summer has brought me many friends, actually. Much better summer than the last one... (2009) ok, I gotta go now, see ya later. All my L.O.V.E. <3

One more time and I will kick your ass !!

In the middle of writing posts, my phone died. I tried again - and it died. 3rd time - I got logged off. WTF !? Tomorrow: shopping. Bex comes home. Sent a strange message to Alina. Talked to a H&M addicted girl from Turkey. Tired. Pissed off. Not at you. On my DAMN phone. Good night. (Please, God, let it work this time !!) //A >:(

Rush Hour

Just watched Rush Hour :D I love Chris Tucker !! I'm home again cause my friend was going shopping. I don't know if we're going on that cruise... It's not fun when you got period -.- Maybe we should stay home ? Natalia can't come here because her buscard has passed the date. I don't even have one, cause I always go by car. Maybe I could ask Valentina if I could borrow it... Hmmm...


Good morning ! I'm picking clothes to the cruise. I was thinking pink... Did the damn period have to come NOW ? -.-' I'm going to a friend today, I think. Nothing to do at home anyway. Just pack the bag, put on some clothes, eat lunch and go. Guess that's my plan for today. My stomach is annoying me !! DAMN PERIOD D':

Sad Val :(

Sorry, there's a thing that makes Valentina sad and I had to talk with her about it. I'm really tired, so I'll tell you more tomorrow. Good night !! Teenage dreams ! ;) (Katy Perry's new song) <3 //Andie


I'm addicted to Alejandro !! I love that song <333 oh no... Don't want period now -.- I was planning to wake up early tomorrow (I mean today) but it's already 2 am !! Wont be much sleep :/ whatever, I have to get used to get up early. I'm eating an apple, when I'm finished, I gotta say good night. Thats it. I have to... Wait a minute I got a strange txt from Val... Be back in a minute !


I know that we are young And I know that you may love me But I just can't be with you like this anymore Alejandro She's got both hands In her pocket And she won't look at you Won't look you at She hides through love en su bolsillo She got a halo around her finger Around you. You know that I love you boy Hot like Mexico, rejoice At this point I gotta choose Nothing to loose. Don't call my name Don't call my name, Alejandro I'm not your babe I'm not your babe, Fernando Don't wanna kiss, don't wanna touch Just smoke my cigarette and hush Don't call my name Don't call my name, Roberto Alejandro Alejandro Ale-ale-jandro Ale-ale-jandro (2) Just stop Please, Just let me go Alejandro, Just let me go She's not broken She's just a baby But her boyfriend's like a dad, just like a dad Draw those flames that burn before him Now he's gonna find a fight, gonna fool the bad You know that I love you boy Hot like Mexico, rejoice At this point I gotta choose Nothing to loose Don't call my name Don't call my name, Alejandro I'm not your babe I'm not your babe, Fernando Don't wanna kiss, don't wanna touch Just smoke my cigarette and hush Don't call my name Don't call my name, Roberto Alejandro Alejandro Ale-ale-jandro Ale-ale-jandro (2) Don't bother me Don't bother me, Alejandro Don't call my name Don't call my name, Bye Fernando I'm not you're babe I'm not you're babe, Alejandro Don't wanna kiss, don't wanna touch, Fernando Don't call my name Don't call my name, Alejandro I'm not you're babe I'm not you're babe, Fernando Don't wanna kiss don't wanna touch. Just smoke my cigarette and hush Don't call my name Don't call my name Roberto. Alejandro Alejandro Ale-ale-jandro Ale-ale-jandro (2) Don't call my name Don't call my name, Alejandro. I'm not you're babe I'm not you're babe, Fernando Don't wanna kiss, don't wanna touch Just Smoke one Cigarette and run. Don't call my name Don't call my name, Roberto. Alejandro

Homemade by Andie Erixon :D

Hey... Sorry, that I didn't write until now. I've been busy. I was with Nathalie, Sofia and Linda today. I want Natalia to come on Friday so me and Nathalie can see her ! We've waited all summer, the vacation's soon over ! After meeting my friends, I went home and made homemade hamburgers with french fries :D yummie !!! Mum was very pleased with it and so was I :) tomorrow I'll just see another friend, and on friday, Natalia visits HOPEFULLY. And I gotta pack my bag to the sea cruise... I can do that tomorrow. Saturday, I leave Stockholm, Sunday, I'm back. Monday... SCHOOL ! Some info: I'll write posts everyday til August 31th. After that I gotta concentrate on my schoolwork. Then I'll blog as often as I can. Just got a txt from Bex: "I'm soon home, then I can text again". It sounded like she was on her way home right NOW, but she meant she comes home on Friday... DUH LOL xD Kalina haven't mailed me in years(days) !! :( Shamone, answer my mail and let me know that you're alright ! Gonna take a glas of cold Coca Cola... Nice, huh ? ;P //A<3

Invincible <3

Hey :) I'm listing to the Invincible album. Right now it's cry. I love this sweet song ! It's really relaxing to listen to his beautiful, soft voice... :) tomorrow I have to put on the radio station "The Voice". A swedish singer called Darin, is going to talk about Michael. It's his idol :) Gotta hear it !! Miss you, Bex... You have to tell me about that admirerer on Monday, ok ? Oh shit, I'm hungry... What I did today ? Oh, nothing. Natalia said me, her and Nathalie can do something on the weekend. Yay :D *don't walk away* //A<3MJ

Honor Michael :)

Good morning ! (Soon afternoon) :) I'm sitting and thinking of monday next week... Everything will get back to normal (almost everything). I'll miss Valentina :( I'll try to meet her as often as I can :) and I was thinking that me and my friends could honor Michael by wearing our MJ t-shirts on August 27th :D what shall I do today ? Kinda bored. I can check if Nathalie is home :P I'll be back later ! //A<3


Thats what I need. An adventure !! With a guy ;P I need a guy who's sweet but also cool and calm. Mystical... Dark hair and ice blue eyes OMG :D ok, I'm just fantasing X) Rebecca has an admirerer ;) but she don't even know if he's handsome lol... Gotta sleep now, good night, MJfam <3 //A<3sleep

August 16th 1997

Hey again :) before dinner I was so sleepy, I could fall asleep even if I was standing up lol. But now I'm not so tired anymore... Btw, Mel, happy birthday, and enjoy your Lady GaGa cupcakes :D love you <3 Today, 13 years ago, MJ was here in Sweden, during his HIStory tour. Too bad I was only 1 year old :( feels like I'm really starting longing for school !! :O but I guess it's just because I wanna meet my friends. Wait a couple of weeks, and I'll say "can't wait to next vacation!!" lol :) really really hoping that we can go to London next year... BBL, pretty young things ;) //A<3

Tyra Banks Show

A meal with real food gave me more energy !! I can feel it. I was watching Tyra Banks Show, I wrote this on Twitter and Facebook too, it was about kids, especially teenagers, who beat their parents... After the break it's Top Model :) Alina said my words made her day at school pretty good, that made me feel great !! :D KALINA WHERE THE HECK ARE YOU ? Miss you T_T reply my mail soon, please... //A<3


finally I managed to make some food ! ricanoodles and chicken lol :P
I saw a weird article about Lisa Marie was pregnant with Michaels child after their divorce, and that Michael lied about what he said to Diane Sawyer about the child molester thing. WTF? it's crap as allways, cause Chandler has admitted that he lied about the whole thing ! that Michael never did anything to him !! damn tabloids -.-'
ok, gonna try to forget that, if you wanna take a look here you go:

just some peice of shit!!! anyway, gonna eat my lunch, see ya later //A<3

R.I.P Elvis Presley & Happy Birthday Madonna!

Good afternoon :) I fell asleep twice today, at first when I was watching MTV, and when I lied on my bed, but I just wanted to relax...
I tried to fry an egg, but it all messed up... I know how to cook, but why can't it go right now ? cause I'm tired ? hmmm yeah maybe..
I think I'm gonna make some pasta and something to that, I don't know right now.
mum is coming home at 4 pm, I think. then she can make the damn food ! >:D

btw... Today, at 1977, Elvis Presley passed away. And today at 1958, Madonna was born.
happy birthday, Madonna, 52 years :)

I'll catch up with u later ! bye^^ //A<3


no sleep at all

you heard it - no sleep at all. I was up all night, which is not good !! now I'm tired and hungry every minute... after listing to OMG by Usher, tweeted a bit, eaten something and written this, THEN I'll go to bed for a while... or no, Ill drink some coffie and watch mtv.
Speaking of mtv, I've voted for VMA, most for Lady GaGa ofc ;P (sorry, Katy, but GaGa comes first...:/)
I hope everything is well with Alina, Rebecca and Valentina...
Alina: first day at school after summer vacation today ! she was nervous, but I think it's gonna be ok :)
Rebecca: sha said it was u guy who live next to their summer house, and he starres... o_O
Valentina: I think she was going to meet her cousins today...
I REALLY GOTTA EAT NOW !!! so see ya later :) //A<3

pancakes n TII

ok, time for pancakes and TII, a bit tired but thats ok... I dunno, but I don't wanna go to bed yet. Im on twitter if you want to reach me :) bye bye //A<3


To You Michael:

Do You Love Me?

 (you can't cancel, and you can only answer yes)

Delicios Pancakes (yummie) :P

lol I drank some soymilk and ate ice cream. we have ABSOLUTLEY ZERO to eat !!
but hey... maybe I can make pancakes...? :D I'll make pancakes ! yum :P
and I then I'll go and get my TII dvd and put it on. :) I'll still be here, but I won't reply so fast on the blog, facebook n twitter.
somebody who wants to taste my delicios pancakes ? noone ? that's ok, then I'll have them all by myself...>:P


what should I eat this time?

I'm hungry - what should I make ? there is nothing to make actullay. Bread and butter, thats it..

why isn't McDonalds, KFC or BK nextdoor ? -.-' I WANT SOME FRENCH FRIES !!!!!!!!!!

new design ^^

with a little help from a friend, I've got a new header, bakground and design !!! Yay :D uhh Im hungry...
NO I havn't watched TII yet... sonn I'll do that. (it's 1.15am)
I'm starting to feel lonely, noone home and my friends are sleeping...

hope u like my blog, COMMENT !! L.O.V.E. //A<3

  <--- Cutie <3

dance your ass off !!

 <--- like he/she said xD

 the kitty dance ? LOL

 the best dancer in the WORLD !!!!!!

 shake it, Spiderman !!

 is that cat on drugs, or what ? :S



some funny stuff LOL

 which is the best ? Johnny Depp :P


 wish I had those o_O


Janet, Michael, Katy and GaGa <3

sandwich :P

ok I just made two sandwiches, didn't really know what to do :S
now Im going to read some other blogs - don't forget to visit my MJ blog - there is a cool pic there, don't miss it !
now I have to eat ! :) bye byee !!

Love Is Here Now You're Gone

Hello ! I'm soon going to watch TII like I said, but first I have to eat some dinner.. yeah I know, it's like 8.20 pm and I havn't eaten yet... well when mum isn't home, I have to do the cooking, but I want to sit by the comp instead hahah. but seriosly, I'm getting hungry now. what should I eat ? hmmm, something easy to cook, i guess LOL.
Alina said her school stars tomorrow, good luck to her ^^ a week after that, it's my turn... I hope I get good grades, but I don't get any grades until xmas hahaha. gonna take a look in the fridge, bbl :) //A<3

Base base XP

Can't mum go now ? Want the place for myself lol. MJs gravesite opens in public today, right ? I wish I could go to LA but it's so far away. But one day I will !! Gonna watch TII today :D it's gonna be loud music, I warn you, neighbors ;) BILLIE JEAN BASE !! Bbl :)

2morrow--->Home alone :D

I'm still at Valentina's. Bex went to her summer house today :) in an island called "Åland" which is between Sweden and Finland. She'll be back next week. then I'll go on another sea cruise, and YEAH I know it wasn't long ago last time but it's very cheap and fun :) but it's also because it's summer and soon we start school and work again, so on Saturday it's tha last time this summer. maybe we'll go next month or later I dunno.
I talked to Alina today, which was very nice. not for long, though :( I just got a txt from mum that she'll go on a trip tomorrow... YES HOME ALONE LOL!!!!!!! :D after dinner I'll go home and spend some time with her before she go tomorrow :) did u know that I'm very close to my mum ? I havn't met my dad since years ! not that I want to see him ><
he's not a good father, he doesn't care about me. he never send any postcards or letters not even a present on my bday and xmas ! I don't even know where he is. not here in Sweden anyway...
last time I saw him, he was going to move to Romain with his new girlfriend, Andrea (she happened to have same name as me). he's done horrible things... he's a criminal, and I'm not proud to be his daughter. thats why I wished I was MJs daughter instead, I know he'd be a great father. my mum should write a book about her time with him...
ANYWAY !! here's my plans for tomorrow ; make a nice dinner to myself lol, chat with my friends, put on some music and sing, watch TII and try to not cry and chat some more. how about that ? :) I've noticed that I like twiiter more in mobile web than normal web. dunno why :S
LOL Valentina is lying on the floor playing "Mario Party" on her Nitendo DS xP


            and ofc the best music movie--->



I've dreamed about Michael many times, and I dreamed about him today. I was in school. It was a party and he was there. Not performing. Suddenly sat I next to him and we talked like old friends lol. Then mum came there :S I was suppose to sing they don't care about us in but it didn't happen... After that Mike and I went to a mall. I was going on and on about a beatels song. I asked Mike what album it was, because he was an expert at The Beatels. But it wasn't even a Beatels song, it was a Keith Urban song LMAO !! Dreams can be very weird sometimes xD Valentina and I are going to buy candy now, bye :P / AnDrEa

Ah live's good - today anyway :)

Hey lovely ones ! I'm about to watch Boog and Elliot 1. I'm sleeping over at Valentina's. Want to have some quality time with her. She said that today and tomorrow were the only days she was free. After that she's busy, so here I am ^^ met Bex today :) *yay* but only for a minute, but thats ok. Valentina is telling me about which places to visit in London.. If we go there next year. Now it's time for movie and unhealthy snacks and candy LOL :P see ya ! / A (and V XP)

Panties with pockets

Why is there no panties with pockets ? Sometimes I have tights and a dress, and I want to put my keys and phone somewhere. Isn't panties with pockets a good idea ? LOL. Now it's only 10 days to school. Did you know that we don't have schooluniform in Sweden ? I've already decided which clothes I'm gonna wear, but that I will tell you later ;P I'm so hungry !! :O gonna eat some breakfast, see ya ! //A<3

I ♥ U

Mum, I ♥ U. Michael, I ♥ U. Prince, I ♥ U. Paris, I ♥ U. Blanket, I ♥ U. Rebecca, I ♥ U. Valentina, I ♥ U. Alina, I ♥ U. Kalina, I ♥ U. GaGa, I ♥ U. Janet, I ♥ U. Katy, I ♥ U. RiRi, I ♥ U. Johnny, I ♥ U. Jim, I ♥ U. MJfam, I ♥ U. Little monsters, I ♥ U. You who's reading this, I ♥ U.


Valentina is not ill anymore, halleluja !! Now I'm just waiting for her txt. I'm bored. So, V, hurry up, I wanna do something !! *sigh* something you didn't know is that I make wonderful pancakes ! :P just made some. I actually love to eat. But only thing I like, ofc. I don't eat so much fish and I don't eat pork. I love american, thai, italian and mexican food. I love Burger King and McDonald's. I actually ate BK yesterday. BBQ classic and fried onionrings, OMG :D but it's not good for your health to eat that everyday... God, I wish everything unhealthy was healthy ;( don't you feel the same ? Gonna read some manga (Cronos Crusade) but I don't like it so much "/ tschüß ! <3

Gdansk ? :)

Mum is looking at trips to Gdansk in Poland. I've seen pictures, and it looks really nice ! But mum is more interested in London. Well, it's fine by me !! I'd love to go to England, I love that country :) Valentina should learn me all about London, cause she's been there many times. I wonder if she's still ill... Haven't met her for a while :/ think I'm gonna ask her. Now I'm going to wash my hair, have a nice day !! :) //Æ <3

Funny stuff XP

Watched some crazy videos with me and my friends. I'd love to show them but not here... I'm not going to boycott Sony by not buying MJ's new album. The money anyway to Mrs Jackson, the kids and charities. And I want that album, I want the songs !! Like A Place Without No Name and Another Day :D I'm texting with my bff, Rebecca. She says she'll let go of a guy (he's a friend to me too) and move on... It'll be better soon, Bex :) <3 I feel sorry for her. She's having a hard time... But when school begins we'll have fun and laugh our asses off like we use to :) the things I like about my school: meet the friends, laugh a lot, do funny things sometimes like chemestry and we can use lap tops, even if it's just updating your Facebook. We can even leave school on the breaks. Things I don't like with my school: it's far away from my home, the food sucks sometimes and you can't eat candy or chew chewgum on the schoolyard. I need some sleep... I really need to stop being up so damn late ! :O when it's time for school I have to wake up at 6 am !! Then I can't be up til 3 am. Anyway, good night, sweet dreams or beautiful nightmares ;P //Andie the sleeping beauty xD


You know that I love MJ and GaGa. But do you know about my other idols ? Let me tell you ! My other idols are: Janet Jackson, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Johnny Depp, Jim Carrey, Leonardo Dicaprio and The Beatels :) Why I like them ? Well... Michael Jackson: makes music like a king, dances like a God, he's sweeter that sugar, a wonderful person and he just makes me speechless. Lady GaGa: she's brave and proud of her own style. And she makes incredible music !! Her dance and musicvideos impress me. Janet Jackson: great music, great dance and such a nice woman :) nice actor too ! Katy Perry: I LOVE her style, cause I love the the 50's clothes and make up. Like her songs too. Rihanna: love her music and like her style, and her HAIR :D Johnny Depp: one of the best make actors if you ask me !! He can be a pirate, drapper and a man with scissorhands LOL ! And ofc he's hot and very manly ;) Jim Carrey: HE'S DAMN FUNNY AND YOU KNOW IT LMAO !! Leonardo Dicaprio: Awww I love him...^^ great actor. The Beatels: I like their music, they said: "- she loves you" and I say "-Yes I love you!!" X) btw, MJ is damn sexy too ;D bye bye x //A<3idols

Black father, white mother, white children, so what?

Michael is black. Debbie is white. Prince and Paris are pretty white. You tell me that's not possible ? You've got WRONG !! Tiger Woods is black. His swedish wife, Elin, is white. Their children are very light !! Why can Tiger have such light kids, and Michael can't ? Explain that to me.

Congratulations to Denmark :)

Um... It wasn't our princess who's pregnant... It's Denmarks !! LOL. No shopping today, just relaxing, reading magazines about health and fashion. BBL //Andrea<3


In twelve days school begins. New schoolbuilding and a few new teachers. 8 grade... Valentina, my friend has moved to another school :( but I still got Rebecca, Adeline, Matilda, Sanna, Cedric and the others :) I can meet V after school instead ^^ I miss Bex (Rebecca) too. But I'll meet her soon :) have a nice day !/ Ha en bra dag ! //A<3MJ

Top three: August!

1. Alejandro - Lady GaGa. 2. Viva La Vida - Coldplay 3. Memories - David Guetta. MJ song of the month: Black Or White. //A<3


Good morning ! I'm eating breakfast. It's 11.05 am here, which maybe is kinda late for breakfast... Do you also wake up this late ? Mum was watching something on tv. It was about a father who kidnapped his own daughter. That remind me about myself... Cause my father did the same. I don't remember cause I was a baby, but my mum told me. I hope we can go and look for shoes today ! :) I need some new high-heels :P and eyeliner from IsaDora or Maybelline. Ok, I'm gonna continue with my breakfast :) see ya later, aligator xD

*Sleepy time* :3

Is there someone who's seen "Vampires suck" ? If you have, was it funny ? lol :P Think I'm gonna head back and go to sleep :) godnatt!* Zzz //Andie<3 *goodnight on swedish


Omg, I saw something about our crownprincess, Victoria, are having twins ! :O I didn't even know she was pregnant... Hey, wait a minute... Twins ? Who will be our future king/queen ? Both of them ? Or will they have a competition ? I'm getting dizzy :S I've just eating an egg-sandwich :P it was really niceey ! After the sandwich I was so tired I could fall asleep any minute. But now I'm in bed dreaming about me and Mike holding hands... *hold my hand* :P do you know what I've done all day ? :S singing Thriller and danced the Thriller dance... If my mum had seen me she would remind me every day that I secretly danced in the kitchen xD She thinks I don't dance. Don't I love a man who dances a lot ? Of course I dance, mum !! *yawn*... I really should sleep now... But I think I'll just tweet a bit... (That means I'll tweet in minimum 3 hours lol) See ya ! //AndieBrandie xD (brandie has nothing to do with my name, just wanted you to know that xD)

Only english, please!

Hello blog ! I've decided to ONLY write in english, cause I've got many friends in other countries, and I'd love them to read my blog as well. Well those who don't know, I had another blog before... But I changed password... And forgot it !! :( I loved my other blog, and I were very proud of it. RIP :'( ANYWAY now I've got this one and I'll try to make it even better than my old one :D I know it's not so cool yet, but I'll fix it later. Today I was planning to sleep over at a friends, but it didn't work out... A friend, Gina, is leaving tomorrow. She lives in Gothenburg, which is about 45 swedish miles from Stockholm. She stays at Elin's, and it was there I was goin to be tonight, but I'll stay home instead :) I'll just text G and say: "-hejdå!! Vi ses snart igen!" which means "-bye!! See ya soon!" lol. Mum is watching some british criminal serie... Mr Gently. You englishmen are good at doing criminal series ! LOL ;) I think I'm gonna check Twitter and Facebook now, new notifications I guess :P It's all for love, L.O.V.E. !! ;D // Andie<3 P.S here's my Twitter and Facebook; & Comment this post if you want ! :)

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