Funny stuff XP

Watched some crazy videos with me and my friends. I'd love to show them but not here... I'm not going to boycott Sony by not buying MJ's new album. The money anyway to Mrs Jackson, the kids and charities. And I want that album, I want the songs !! Like A Place Without No Name and Another Day :D I'm texting with my bff, Rebecca. She says she'll let go of a guy (he's a friend to me too) and move on... It'll be better soon, Bex :) <3 I feel sorry for her. She's having a hard time... But when school begins we'll have fun and laugh our asses off like we use to :) the things I like about my school: meet the friends, laugh a lot, do funny things sometimes like chemestry and we can use lap tops, even if it's just updating your Facebook. We can even leave school on the breaks. Things I don't like with my school: it's far away from my home, the food sucks sometimes and you can't eat candy or chew chewgum on the schoolyard. I need some sleep... I really need to stop being up so damn late ! :O when it's time for school I have to wake up at 6 am !! Then I can't be up til 3 am. Anyway, good night, sweet dreams or beautiful nightmares ;P //Andie the sleeping beauty xD


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