Homemade by Andie Erixon :D

Hey... Sorry, that I didn't write until now. I've been busy. I was with Nathalie, Sofia and Linda today. I want Natalia to come on Friday so me and Nathalie can see her ! We've waited all summer, the vacation's soon over ! After meeting my friends, I went home and made homemade hamburgers with french fries :D yummie !!! Mum was very pleased with it and so was I :) tomorrow I'll just see another friend, and on friday, Natalia visits HOPEFULLY. And I gotta pack my bag to the sea cruise... I can do that tomorrow. Saturday, I leave Stockholm, Sunday, I'm back. Monday... SCHOOL ! Some info: I'll write posts everyday til August 31th. After that I gotta concentrate on my schoolwork. Then I'll blog as often as I can. Just got a txt from Bex: "I'm soon home, then I can text again". It sounded like she was on her way home right NOW, but she meant she comes home on Friday... DUH LOL xD Kalina haven't mailed me in years(days) !! :( Shamone, answer my mail and let me know that you're alright ! Gonna take a glas of cold Coca Cola... Nice, huh ? ;P //A<3


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