You know that I love MJ and GaGa. But do you know about my other idols ? Let me tell you ! My other idols are: Janet Jackson, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Johnny Depp, Jim Carrey, Leonardo Dicaprio and The Beatels :) Why I like them ? Well... Michael Jackson: makes music like a king, dances like a God, he's sweeter that sugar, a wonderful person and he just makes me speechless. Lady GaGa: she's brave and proud of her own style. And she makes incredible music !! Her dance and musicvideos impress me. Janet Jackson: great music, great dance and such a nice woman :) nice actor too ! Katy Perry: I LOVE her style, cause I love the the 50's clothes and make up. Like her songs too. Rihanna: love her music and like her style, and her HAIR :D Johnny Depp: one of the best make actors if you ask me !! He can be a pirate, drapper and a man with scissorhands LOL ! And ofc he's hot and very manly ;) Jim Carrey: HE'S DAMN FUNNY AND YOU KNOW IT LMAO !! Leonardo Dicaprio: Awww I love him...^^ great actor. The Beatels: I like their music, they said: "- she loves you" and I say "-Yes I love you!!" X) btw, MJ is damn sexy too ;D bye bye x //A<3idols


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