Only english, please!

Hello blog ! I've decided to ONLY write in english, cause I've got many friends in other countries, and I'd love them to read my blog as well. Well those who don't know, I had another blog before... But I changed password... And forgot it !! :( I loved my other blog, and I were very proud of it. RIP :'( ANYWAY now I've got this one and I'll try to make it even better than my old one :D I know it's not so cool yet, but I'll fix it later. Today I was planning to sleep over at a friends, but it didn't work out... A friend, Gina, is leaving tomorrow. She lives in Gothenburg, which is about 45 swedish miles from Stockholm. She stays at Elin's, and it was there I was goin to be tonight, but I'll stay home instead :) I'll just text G and say: "-hejdå!! Vi ses snart igen!" which means "-bye!! See ya soon!" lol. Mum is watching some british criminal serie... Mr Gently. You englishmen are good at doing criminal series ! LOL ;) I think I'm gonna check Twitter and Facebook now, new notifications I guess :P It's all for love, L.O.V.E. !! ;D // Andie<3 P.S here's my Twitter and Facebook; & Comment this post if you want ! :)


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