Omg, I saw something about our crownprincess, Victoria, are having twins ! :O I didn't even know she was pregnant... Hey, wait a minute... Twins ? Who will be our future king/queen ? Both of them ? Or will they have a competition ? I'm getting dizzy :S I've just eating an egg-sandwich :P it was really niceey ! After the sandwich I was so tired I could fall asleep any minute. But now I'm in bed dreaming about me and Mike holding hands... *hold my hand* :P do you know what I've done all day ? :S singing Thriller and danced the Thriller dance... If my mum had seen me she would remind me every day that I secretly danced in the kitchen xD She thinks I don't dance. Don't I love a man who dances a lot ? Of course I dance, mum !! *yawn*... I really should sleep now... But I think I'll just tweet a bit... (That means I'll tweet in minimum 3 hours lol) See ya ! //AndieBrandie xD (brandie has nothing to do with my name, just wanted you to know that xD)


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