2morrow--->Home alone :D

I'm still at Valentina's. Bex went to her summer house today :) in an island called "Åland" which is between Sweden and Finland. She'll be back next week. then I'll go on another sea cruise, and YEAH I know it wasn't long ago last time but it's very cheap and fun :) but it's also because it's summer and soon we start school and work again, so on Saturday it's tha last time this summer. maybe we'll go next month or later I dunno.
I talked to Alina today, which was very nice. not for long, though :( I just got a txt from mum that she'll go on a trip tomorrow... YES HOME ALONE LOL!!!!!!! :D after dinner I'll go home and spend some time with her before she go tomorrow :) did u know that I'm very close to my mum ? I havn't met my dad since years ! not that I want to see him ><
he's not a good father, he doesn't care about me. he never send any postcards or letters not even a present on my bday and xmas ! I don't even know where he is. not here in Sweden anyway...
last time I saw him, he was going to move to Romain with his new girlfriend, Andrea (she happened to have same name as me). he's done horrible things... he's a criminal, and I'm not proud to be his daughter. thats why I wished I was MJs daughter instead, I know he'd be a great father. my mum should write a book about her time with him...
ANYWAY !! here's my plans for tomorrow ; make a nice dinner to myself lol, chat with my friends, put on some music and sing, watch TII and try to not cry and chat some more. how about that ? :) I've noticed that I like twiiter more in mobile web than normal web. dunno why :S
LOL Valentina is lying on the floor playing "Mario Party" on her Nitendo DS xP


            and ofc the best music movie--->



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