Hey guys!! I'm so sooooorry, for not posting anything this month! (Even though no one read this blog lol) okay, whatever! Andie is back in the house and she's HAPPY! School's doing great. My friends are great. My life is pretty good. My family too. I have a great time in school everyday. I like two boys. And not a player, I just think they're cute... But I'm not in love. (Why is mum laughing so much? Must be something on the TV...) When I say someone is cute, does it not mean I'm in love. That's it. I've got a test tomorrow. Maths. But I'm not nervous at all. But I hope I get a good result! :P Yesterday I was at Valentina's. I talked to Kalina on skype, omfg it was great. Me and V were crazy like always. So the conversation was kinda funny lol :D Bex had some problem... With boys... But I hope she's over them! Cause it sounds like it. She wants to talk to Igor, Kalinas bro. Lmao. Bex and her boys...... *shakes head* XP Gotta do my homeworks... I'll be posting something later. LOVE YOU ALL<3 //A<3

Postat av: Becciz <3


2010-10-01 @ 15:54:43
Postat av: Anonym

xDD you make me laugh x))

oww cool 2 cute boys =))

2010-12-30 @ 14:02:55

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